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Comely Aphrodite vg Gold(Pd No. : 3075617)

(Updated : Dec/14/2016)
product information
Model Nm COMAP-E302
HS CODE 330720
M.O.Q 3000 Pieces
Antitrouble patent application No. 10-0971655, No.10-0887294
Keywords Gold Oil, Aphrodite Gold, Comely Gold, Comely
Seller ID comelyin

[Company Introduction]

1. History

Feb. 2007 Signed a web agency cooperation agreement with INNOBIZ Co., Ltd. Built the portal site of sitz steaming

Sep. 2008 Signed a partner contract with Richway Co., Ltd.

Nov. 2008 Held a circuit orientation for comely products and training of sitz steaming therapy in Korea

Sep. 2009 Signed strategic alliance with Goodpose Co., Ltd.

Dec. 2009 Campaign for the publication of Comely sitz steaming clinical casebook

Mar. 2010 Published clinical casebook of Comely sitz steaming, "Eve, Open Your Eyes"

Held the Comely sitz steaming managers festival

May. 2010 Awarded Sports Seoul Brand Sitz Steaming Division Prize

Aug. 2010 Signed agreement with Korea-Japan Culture Communication Center

Joined in Far Infrared Radiation Association

Sep. 2010 Broadcasted in Korea Generation, MBC

Nov. 2010 Selected by housewife’s life and daily sports;

Awarded the 2010 female consumers’ premium brand prize in wellbeing and health division;

Live broadcasted in Today Morning on MBC

Dec. 2010 Signed business agreement with Pantagram Co., Ltd.

Franchises management, education system construction and contents development, etc.

Jan. 2011 Held vision of Comely business briefing

Mar. 2011 Broadcasted in Gogo Karaoke on MBC

Apr. 2011 Comely sitz steaming cafe held the Spring Walking Tournament

May. 2011 Broadcasted in close-up of company site on Seoul economic TV

Aug. 2011 Opened Osaka branch in Japan

Sep. 2011 Registered officially as the Fair Trade Commission franchise

Awarded the 2010 female consumers’ premium brand prize twice in a row

Dec. 2011 Held the 2012 Smart Comely Business Orientation

Apr. 2012 Signed a strategic business partnership agreement with Korea Digital Signage Association

Signed an MOU with Korea Photosynthesis

Aug. 2012 Opened two stores at Homeplus Gyesan, Jungdong

Apr. 2013 Broadcasted in Visiting Site Today (iMBC) on Seoul economic TV

Ranked 1st in the wellbeing and health division of the Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index in 2013

Selected as a brand renewal supported company by Ulsan Intellectual Property Center

May. 2013 Introduced by Power Korea May Female Leader Special Feature

Participated in Shanghai Trade Delegation (hosted by KOTRA Ulsan Economic Development Agency)

Jun. 2013 Participated in GTI EXPO International Trade Fair

Aug. 2013 Broadcasted in episode 322 of Doctor Season, the small business broadcast on Yestv

Sep. 2013 Broadcasted in Good Morning Korea on KBS TV and Small Business’ Eye on SBS CNBC

Oct. 2013 Participated in G-FAIR Korea Excellent Products Exhibition

Nov. 2013 Participated in export counseling for CHINA BIG 100 Plaza organized by KOTRA

Awarded the 2013 Premium Brand prize of the well-being division for the 4th time in a row

Dec. 2013 Completed brand renewal and applied for trademark service in Japan

Feb. 2014 Applied the trademark service for participating countries at CHINA Business Plaza Export Counseling organized by KOTRA

Mar. 2014 Applied for anti-diabetic substance patent

Apr.2014 Exhibited in Seoul International Cosmetics, Beauty and Health Industry Fair

Broadcasted in VJ Commando on KBS 2TV

Applied Ulsan Intellectual Property Center Patent, beneficiary of product design development and rights

May. 2014 Broadcasted on Yomiuri TV in Japan

Jun. 2014 Participated in Busan Silver Expo

Aug. 2014 Published in Lee Myung-hee's poetry "Eve, Open Your Eyes", Korean-English edition

Patents of charcoal sitz steaming equipment

Sep. 2014 Adjudged available by Korean Health Association Indoor Air Quality Measurement (Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide)

Applied for Japanese trademark and service mark

Introduced in Weekly People magazine

Oct. 2014 Participated in 2014 G-FAIR Korea Excellent Product Exhibition

Completed Ulsan Intellectual Property Center Patent, product design development and rights beneficiary

Applied for Chinese trademark and service mark

Registered for the design of sitz steaming chair and container

Participated in Trade Delegates to Australia

Mar. 2015 Selected as KOTRA Service Advisory Board Member

May. 2015 Participated in the business promotion pavilion at Soeburi Festival in Ulsan

Jun. 2015 Registered for design in Japan – Sitz steaming chair

Aug. 2015 Participated in Busan International Anti-Aging and Welfare Rehabilitation Senior Exhibition

Nov. 2015 Participated in Korea Commodity Exhibition in Shijiazhuang, China

Jan. 2016 Live broadcasted in “New Morning” for how to raise body temperature 1 degree on MBC

Feb. 2016 Opened Osaka 3rd store in Japan

Apr. 2016 Participated in the 18th World OKTAL Leaders Convention and Business Plaza organized by World Federation of Overseas Korean Traders Associations (OKTA)

May. 2016 Opened Osaka 4th store

Jun. 2016 Joined Korea Excellent Product Sourcing System B2C Online Store organized by Small and Medium Business Corporation

Participated in Ulsan Cyber Business Plaza organized by KOTRA

Jul. 2016 Selected as an excellent product of small and medium business and joined in the exhibition hall in Qingdao, China.

Sep. 2016 Selected as an excellent small and medium business in China Highway Project

Selected as a participator in China Inner Promotion Exhibition by Small Business Promotion Corporation

Participated in 2016 Export First-Step Composite Ceremony Buyer Consultation organized by KOTRA

2. Vision

1) Cultural space in daily life (for women)

Comely will do its best to provide customers sitz steaming as well as culture by using various media contents

2) The source of healthy life (focus on customer's health)

At Comely sitz steaming café, the best products and services for customers’ healthy life will be provided, so we hope that it will be a necessary space for the healthy life.

3) The place of communication (with women)

Comely sitz steaming café is a place where people communicate. You can unleash various stresses from modern life. The daily life here is to exchange information and chat.

4) Unchanging products and services (better with age)

Even though Comely grows, our minds for the customers are the same as the one at the very beginning.

The products and services used in the Comely sitz steaming café are consistently based on top-notch materials, and the service is always at the highest level through consistent training.

3. Representative Business Model

1) Strengthen the management infrastructure to secure 1,500 franchisees

Currently, we are implementing a project to strengthen the necessary management infrastructure to expand the number of franchises from 150 to 1,500. We are planning to realize it through the organizational innovation project using IT technology.

2) Strengthen contents to become Comely as a cultural space

For providing our customers a kind of culture that can be enjoyed at Comely, we build a system to develop and distribute contents such as video and music.

3) Differentiation and competitiveness enhancement-aimed service development and improvement

Strengthening service quality for customers is the core of differentiation elements. To this end, we will continue to build the internal franchise training system and develop new services. In the case of training, we implement collective training, e-learning, and u-learning.

4. Major Partners

1) Functional stone, sitz steaming jar and tile manufacturing

2) Sitz steaming chair manufacturing

3) Sitz steaming aroma agent development and manufacturing

4) Charcoal development and manufacturing

5) Development and manufacturing of Aphrodite gold and VG essence

6) Contents development

[Product Description]


Comely Aphrodite Gold is similar to female hormone, estrogen. Because it activates the phytohormone which can be absorbed by the skin, it is good for stress, premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

Aphrodite Gold is women's best necessity. It contains the queen of aromas, rose oil, which can make women more feminine and beautiful.

Any woman who uses Aphrodite Gold everyday will be able to discover her beauty unconsciously.

| Application and Usage |

You may drop 1 ~ 3 drops per day in the panty liner or underwear, or drop 3 ~ 5 drops on top of medicines during sitz steaming and keep for 5 ~ 10 minutes.

One to three drops of Aphrodite Gold Aroma Oil may have the same effect as doing sphincter exercise for about 300 times.


[Product Features]


Product Feature:

Changes the offensive smell into pleasant fragrance for refreshment usually or during menstruation, and if you use consistently, you can experience wonderful effect.


1) Put 1~3 drop on panty liner (sanitary pad) or panty.

2) you can use it for freshener by diluting it in water.

Capacity: 10ml

Company Information

company information
Contact Person Myung Hee-Lee
Address 40, Sanseong-ro, Buk-gu, Ulsan, SEOUL 683-360 Rep. of KOREA
Homepage www.comelyin.com , http://seller.buykorea.org/comely--EC077123
Tel 0522216091 Fax 0522216095
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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