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Stalk Coffee(Pd No. : 3075679)

(Updated : Dec/15/2016)
product information
Model Nm 8809529950139
HS CODE 210690
Keywords stalk coffee, blending, coffee bean, stalk bean, 100% whole bean, Crema
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[Company Instroduction]

F&B venture company research and development as the basic

Its patented continuous product development, food and beverage to drink an advanced manufacturing base, distribution, export worthy of a global trend (F &B) venture company specializing in women.

[Company History]

Founded in 2013 for the current 20 kinds of food powder and vacuum method of roasting

coffee beans Developed

2014 two kinds of patents, trademarks completed three Trademark registration

2015 venture company, research institute, ISO, certification complete, including business

clean and sanitary permit completion of China

Start exporting in 2015 in China, Vietnam, Singapore and etc.

12 May 2015 excellent company commendation award (Venture Association)


[Product Description]


1. Crema of Stalk Coffee: The crema of Stalk Coffee lasts long on the surface of coffee with a rich caramel curl. Sweet and fragrant nuts taste spreads in the mouth and satisfy your taste buds.

2. Flavor of Stalk Coffee: The overall flavor is fragrant and sweet nuts flavor. Strong aroma of coffee and roasted nuts will come out after crushing. Aftertaste is ripe grapefruit and pleasant dark chocolate flavor which can stimulate your mouthfeel.

3. Stalk Coffee can not only keep the beans in the best condition, but also use Arabica beans that is known for its soft, delicate taste and flavor by our own blending technique.

Now you can enjoy the richness of freshly roasted coffee beans full of original coffee taste and aroma with Stalk Coffee.

It means the rich taste of traditional Italian espresso.

[Product Features]

Product Type: Roasted coffee

Materials: Coffee beans 100%

Weight: 500g / 1kg

Origin: Guatemala 50%, Brazil 30%, Kenya 20%

Packing material: Polyethylene resin (PE)

Storage: Store it at a cold and dry place

Return & exchange: Where you bought or consumer counseling room

Best before: Separately marked (one year from date of manufacture)

Manufacturing and sales agent: Orange People Co., Ltd.

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Company Information

company information
Contact Person KIM JU SUN
Homepage www.orangepeople.co.kr , http://seller.buykorea.org/orange-people--EC084467
Tel 0317901745 Fax 0317901746
Biz. Type Est. Year
Employees Annual Export USD 0~1 mn
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